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real estate project registration

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real estate project registration

The year 2016 marked the entry of the RERA Act which specifically states that any promoter/builder who wishes to advertise, sell, market or invite people to purchase any plot, building or apartment in any real estate project must register the project with Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

As such every promoter in Uttar Pradesh must register every real estate project* with Uttar Pradesh Regulatory Authority (UP-RERA) before they can market or sell it.

documents required for rERA registration in UP

Brief Details of the Enterprise

The promoter needs to submit all the enterprise details including below listed details for RERA Registration in Uttar Pradesh-

  1. Name
  2. Registered address
  3. Type of enterprise- proprietorship, societies, partnership, companies, competent authority)
  4. The particulars of registration, and the names and photographs of the promoter.
  5. Other Additional Documents as specified under the UPRERA Rules 2016.

Details of the Project

For UP-RERA real estate project registration, the promoter must submit the brief details of the project regarding-

  1. Completed or ongoing projects launched in the past 5 years.
  2. The status of the above projects regarding-
    1. Any delay in its completion.
    2. Details of cases pending.
    3. Details of type of land, and
    4. Payments pending.
  3. Any other Additional Documents required under the UPRERA Rules 2016.

Commencement Certificate

Before the commencement of the RERA Act 2016, the Uttar Pradesh Apartment (Promotion of construction, Ownership & Maintenance) Act, 2010 also required the promoter to submit the Commencement Certificate for the registration of the real estate project.

As such, to register the project in UP-RERA, the promoter must submit the authenticated copy of commencement certificate from issued by the competent authority. Where the promoter has planned to develop the project in phases, an authenticated copy of the commencement certificate from the competent authority for each of such phases.

Copy of the Approvals

To start the construction of the real estate project, the promoter applies and get issued by the competent authority various approvals.

For real estate project registration in Uttar Pradesh, the promoter must submit the all the approvals issued including the below listed approvals-

  1. Land Title and Clearance Certificate.
  2. Zonal Clearance certificate.
  3. Building plan approval certificate.
  4. Services and utilities installation certificates like fire-safety, lift, pollution, sewerage, gas, water supply or other certificates.
  5. Intimation of Disapproval (IOD) Certificate, if any.
  6. Any other additional approval certificates specified by the UPRERA Rules, 2016.

Sanctioned and Layout Plan

Under the RERA Act, Sanctioned plan has been defined as the site plan, building plan, service plan, parking and circulation plan, landscape plan, layout plan, zoning plan and such other plan and includes structural designs, if applicable, permissions such as environment permission and such other permissions, which are approved by the competent authority prior to start of a real estate project.

For real estate project registration in Uttar Pradesh, the promoter/ builder must submit the layout plan and the sanctioned plan of the project and its phases thereof.

Plan of Development Works

For real estate registration in Uttar Pradesh, the promoter must attest the Plan of Development Works to be accomplished in the proposed real estate project and the suggested facilities to be provided thereof including-

  1. Fire-fighting facilities,
  2. Drinking water facilities,
  3. Emergency evacuation services,
  4. Use of renewable energy.

Proformas of Documents

The promoter prepares and issues different documents to the allottee while marketing of the real estate project. These documents include the application form, allotment letter, agreement for sale or Builder-Buyer’s agreement and conveyance or sale deed.

For UP-RERA real estate project registration, the promoter must submit the proformas of the allotment letter, application form, conveyance deed and the agreement to sell to be signed with the allottees.

Declaration and Other Documents

For real estate project registration in Uttar Pradesh, the promoter must submit the declaration supported by declaration of facts that-

  1. He has Legal title to the land.
  2. The land is free from legal encumbrances.
  3. The time required to finish the project.
  4. 70% of the amounts realised for the project from the allottees shall be deposited in a separate account to be maintained in a scheduled bank to cover the cost of construction and the land cost and shall be used only for that purpose, and
  5. Such other declarations provided under the Act, Rules, and the Regulations.

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easy RERA registration process

While you apply for registration of real estate project in UP-RERA with us, you simply have to sit back and relax while we tack care of the complexities in registration.

The RERA Act also has specified that the RERA Department will issue registration certificate within 30 days subject to fulfilment of terms and conditions within time.

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legal requirements

Our legal team comprises of young and energetic lawyers and esteemed advocates of the Hon’ble High Courts and the Supreme Court.

The energetic and young lawyers are ex-Law Trainees of UP-RERA. These power lawyers know the inside and out of every legal complexity that can arise while applying for UP-RERA real estate project registration.

The esteemed expert advocates of the Hon’ble High Courts and the Supreme Court provide the guidance to eliminate the legal encumbrances timely.

Legal documentation is confusing, but not with us anymore!

frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions asked by the promoters for UP-RERA real estate project registration.

Why RERA Registration is needed?

The promoter needs RERA Registration for the following purposes-

  1. Market, sell or advertise the real estate project.
  2. Invite the people to purchase the plot, apartment or building in the real estate project.
  3. In most cases, banks or NBFCs prefer to give loans for those real estate projects which have been registered by the promoter in RERA.
  4. Customers or Homebuyers only trust those promoters who apply for real estate project registration with RERA.

What are the advantages of the UP-RERA Registration?

Following are the advantages of UP-RERA real estate project registration-

  1. Keen trust of the Government Agencies throughout all legal processes.
  2. Keen trust of the people and homebuyers who want plots, apartments or buildings.
  3. Keen trust of the Banks and NBFCs for the issuance of the loan required to develop the project.
  4. Fullfillment of the legal compliances and avoidance of any legal penalties or imprisonment provided under the RERA Act.

In How many days UPRERA will approve my real estate project registration?

As per the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016, the UP-RERA Department must issue the RERA Registration Certificate within 30 days of the application. This is subject to such RERA application in which all legal encumbrances have been removed accordingly.

How can I apply for real estate project registration in Uttar Pradesh?

You can make an application for real estate project registration in Uttar Pradesh with 4 easy steps-

  1. Open the RERA QnA website- UPRERA Registration Page.
  2. Fill the required UP-RERA Registration form and click submit.
  3. While you relax for 30 days*, RERA QnA team will get your project registered in UP-RERA.
  4. You will be then provided with a unique UPRERA real estate project registration number.

What is the fees for applying for UP-RERA real estate project registration?

The fees of RERA QnA for the project registration in UP-RERA varies with each promoter, promoter, the approvals issued and the demography of that area of the Uttar Pradesh.

The above fees include the agreed brokerage fees and the government fees as prescribed from time to time. To clear the confusion, our fees starts at INR ₹50,000/- for one phase of real estate project.

Can one project has two RERA Registration numbers?

Yes, as per the RERA Act, one project may have two or more RERA Registration numbers. This is because such project may be developed in separate phases. Each such phase must be registered in RERA as per the RERA law.

What is meant by RERA Registered?

RERA Registered simply means that the RERA Department has registered the real estate project and the promoter is marketing such project as the ‘RERA Registered.’

Is RERA applicable for plots in UP?

Yes, as per the RERA Act, for RERA is applicable for plots in Uttar Pradesh. But those plots which together cumulatively does not exceed 500 sq. m. or 8 in units need not to be registered in UP-RERA. For more info, read this RERA QnA post- How to Make Unregistered Project Complaint in UP-RERA in 2022 in 4 Easy Steps

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acts, rules and regulations

RERA Act 2016, UP-RERA Rules, 2016 and Uttar Pradesh General Regulations, 2019 contain the crucial provisions for UP-RERA real estate project registration.

Below are their Links-

  1. RERA Act 2016 PDF.
  2. UPRERA Rules 2016 PDF.
  3. UPRERA General Regulations 2019 PDF.

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