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How to make complaint in UP RERA? 5 Simple Steps

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How to make complaint in UP RERA- Builder has fooled you, hasn’t he? He took your payment and has not fulfilled the promises made by him to you. So, he must be punished at all costs by the Court.

It is the fact that he first lured you with good specifications of the project, land, or building. But, when the right time came to deliver the promise, he backed out. He is not now picking up the phone call or email, or your worst nightmare, giving you threats.

This is the right time you have stepped in to make complaint in UP RERA against the builder.

But before we proceed to tell you about the simple steps for how to file a complaint in UP RERA, you need to read and understand the basic RERA terms.

The outline of this article is given below. You can continue to read the article from here, or just switch to UP RERA complaint procedure.

Who is UP RERA?

UP RERA or Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority is the Authority established by the UP Government to regulate and promote the UP real estate market and to solve the disputes arising thereto.

up rera office lucknow

It is the Authority who has the jurisdiction to decide and hear all the grievance related to the real estate sector in UP.

What is a Complaint in UP RERA?

A complaint in UP RERA is the process to solve your dispute against the builder in relation to your booked flat or building or plot.

You have also decided to make complaint in UP RERA based on the facts, circumstances, and situations the builder cheated you. There are loads of reasons why you have decided to file a complaint in UP RERA. Lots of them are discussed in the heading down below.

All the above reasons are well justified. UP RERA has now the sole responsibility to oversee the real estate sector in Uttar Pradesh and as stated under the RERA Act 2016.

Who is Complainant in UP RERA?

A complainant in UP RERA is a person who has filed a complaint against the builder. For example, if you, as a homebuyer or allottee, want to file the complainant in UP RERA, you will be the complainant. You may either want possession or refund with delay interest or simply compensation form the builder or promoter.

Interestingly, a builder or promoter can also file a complaint in UP RERA against an allottee. In such cases, the builder or promoter will be known as a complainant in UP RERA.

Who is Respondent in UP RERA?

A respondent in UP RERA is a person against whom the case is filed. In majority cases, builders or promoters are respondent because the allottee files a case against him.

However, if a builder or promoter files a case against an allottee in UP RERA, the allottee is called as the respondent.

How RERA ACT 2016 Protects the Allottees or Homebuyers?

RERA Act 2016 or the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 has been enacted by the Parliament of India to regulate and promote the real estate sector. It also focuses to protect the interests of homebuyers, promoters, and the real estate agents.

Rights of Allottees

Rights and duties of the allottees is mentioned under Section 19 of the Chapter IV of the RERA Act, 2016. Briefly, the allottees have rights like-

  • Obtaining all the information related to the real estate project.
  • Claim the possession of the apartment, plot or building as per the timeline promised by the builder.
  • Claim the refund paid by allottee to the builder or promoter along with delay interest.
  • Claim the compensation from the builder against various legal reasons.
  • Know the stage wise time schedule of the completion of the real estate project, etc.
Rights of Allottees under the RERA ACT 2016 RERA Qna

Know more about the rights of the allottees under the RERA Act 2016 by clicking here.

Functions and Duties of Promoters

Functions and duties of the promoters or builders is mentioned under Section 11 of the Chapter III of the RERA Act, 2016. Briefly, the promoters or builder have the following duties and functions like-

  • Register themselves and the project in UP RERA before advertising, selling, or marketing it.
  • Register and update the details and progress of the project timely on the RERA website.
  • Upload the details of the project and stage wise completion of the project on the RERA website.
  • Obtain the Completion, Occupancy, Leasehold Certificate against the project timely.
  • Develop the essential services in the real estate project, etc.
  • Upon completion of the real estate project-
    • Handover all the services to the Resident Welfare Association.
    • Proceed to begin with registry of the apartment, plot, or building.
    • Enable the formation of the association or co-operative society, etc.

Read moreFunctions and Duties of the Promoter under the RERA Act, 2016.

Why Make Complaint in UP RERA?

You are going to file RERA UP Complaint because of multiple reasons like-

  • Builder promised to give you possession on a specific date, but till date, he is unable to give you the possession, OR
  • You want the refund of your deposited money with the builder with delay interest, OR
  • You want the delay interest from the builder, OR
  • The builder is charging or has charged you unnecessary payments, OR
  • The builder promised something attractive but selling worse flat or plot or building to you, OR
  • The builder sold your allotted flat to someone else for a higher amount, OR
  • The builder is refusing to do the registry of your allotted flat.
  • The builder is harassing you to deposit money as soon as possible, etc.

Read more reasons- Why make a Complaint in RERA?

Benefits of a UP RERA Online Complaint

When you make complaint in UP RERA, you are granted with many advantages like-

  • Legally pressurising builder to-
    • Grant you possession on time with delay interest.
    • Refund your money with delay interest.
    • Compensate you for harassment for charging excess money, for poor services in the flat, etc.
    • Do the registry of your apartment, flat or building.
    • Give you the promised services as per the advertisement or brochure, etc.
  • Read more at- Benefits of a Complaint in RERA

How to Make Complaint in UP RERA? 5 Simple Steps

Below are the 5 simple steps to make complaint in UP RERA-

Step 1- Visit the UP RERA website. 🌐

Step 2- Get your Mouse Pointer ↖️over the Complaint feature. Now, click the Register Complaint.

Make Complaint in UP RERA register complaint

Step 3- Click on the register button and register yourself with your asked details like- Allottee Name, Father’s name, Mobile Number, Email ID, House/Flat No., Street Lane Name, House No., Mohalla or Village Name, State, District, Pincode, and Password for ID. After you fill this, click on REGISTER button. Now Sign in with your email and password.

how to make complaint in UP RERA register screen
UP RERA Register User Screen
how to make complaint in UP RERA sign in screen
UP RERA User Sign in Screen

Step 4- After signing in, your dashboard will look like below. If you want possession or refund with delay interest, click on the Register New Complaint (Form M) or for Compensation, go for Register New Complaint (Form N).

how to make complaint in UP RERA user screen
UP RERA User Screen

Step 5- Now, a pop-up will appear asking if you want conciliation. If you are ready for conciliation, press YES or else NO. Now, proceed with Step-by-Step careful filing of Form M or N and upload the relevant documents on the portal. At the last step RERA portal will ask you to confirm and proceed and pay the fees. Review your complaint and proceed for paying the amount of ₹1000/-. After you pay the amount, your complaint will be registered, and an SMS will be sent on your registered mail ID and mobile number. All you must do now is to wait patiently for the approval of your complaint from the UP RERA authority.

YouTube video on- How to Complaint in RERA Uttar Pradesh

Learn to make complaint in UP RERA through a YouTube video 👇🏽.

Click to visit our YouTube Channel and watch other informative videos.

Do you know?

There is separate process of filling Unregistered Complaint in UP RERA? Click to read more.

Important Notes for filling a UP RERA Complaint against Builder

  1. Fill the details like the name, mobile number, email address, and correspondence address carefully because they will be used for all complaint related communications.
  2. Passwords should be a minimum of six characters in length.
  3. Passwords should consist of following four-character sets:
    1. Lowercase alpha characters (e.g., a, b, c, d, e)
    2. Uppercase alpha characters (e.g., A, B, C, D, E)
    3. Numbers (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
    4. Special symbol or punctuation characters (e.g.! @ # $% & * _ + ~.,>)
  4. If you are uploading any document, its size should not exceed 4 mb.
  5. Gather all your documents at one place and write down the vital details of your complaint and then only start to fill the Form M or N.
  6. You do not need to send any documents via post to UP RERA office. All the uploaded documents are valid evidence.


Try to engage a RERA lawyer for hassle free legal experience and support the lawyers and their profession. Pandemic has done injustice to everyone 😥, RIGHT?

Follow here to get the best RERA lawyer in Uttar Pradesh.

File UP RERA Conciliation

You may be wondering- WHAT IS UP RERA CONCILIATION?

The answer is Quite Simple

A UP RERA Conciliation is the process where you convey your grievance to the RERA Authority, and they engage a Conciliator to solve your problem amicably between the builder and you at one place.

Some may confuse this legal process with Arbitration and Mediation. But conciliation is different from these.

If you find this interesting to read at, continue reading this article- What is UP RERA Conciliation?


When you want to make complaint in UP RERA, it is essential to know other factors and terms. While you have may have decided to file builder complaint in RERA, the other factors may arise which may further lead to confusion like- What is Conciliation, or what is Form M or N?

We have discussed the above in several other articles. But, for today, we hope that you have found your solution.

Lastly, if you have any doubts, do comment down below, or check the FAQ section. Do not forget to share this article with other homebuyers.

All the best for busting the corrupt builder! 👍🏽

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the FAQs when you make complaint in UP RERA-

  1. How to file complaint in RERA NOIDA?

    For filling the complaint in RERA NOIDA, follow the steps below-
    Step 1- Visit the UP RERA Website-
    Step 2- Click on the Complaint Menu.
    Step 3- Click on the Register Complaint.
    Step 4- Click on the Register button.
    Step 5- Fill in your details and make an ID.
    Step 6- Using the ID made in the above process, log in the system.
    Step 7- Register the appropriate using the details you have (If you want possession, refund and delay interest, then go for Form M, if compensation, go for Form N).
    Step 8- Wait for RERA for approval of your complaint.
    Step 9- You have successfully registered the complaint in RERA NOIDA.

  2. What is Form M in complaint under UP RERA?

    Briefly, as per the rules laid down by the UP Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Rules, 2016, any person can make complaint in UP RERA in FORM M.
    But he must keep in mind that all matters relating to compensation will be going to be filled up in FORM N.

  3. What is Form N in RERA complaint process?

    Briefly, as per the rules laid down by the UP Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Rules, 2016, any person can make complaint in UP RERA in FORM N relating to compensation.
    All other complaint matters will be going to be filled up in FORM M.

  4. Do I have to upload documents when make complaint in RERA?

    Yes, you will upload essential documents like allotment letter, booking letter, payment receipts, etc, when making a UP RERA complaint online.

  5. What documents are accepted in UP RERA complaint against builder?

    Below is the possible list of documents accepted by UP RERA website-
    1. Booking Form
    2. Allotment Letter
    3. Agreement to Sell
    4. Advertisement or Brochure of the Project.
    5. Sale Deed of the apartment, plot, or building.
    6. Tripartite agreement between builder allottee, bank and the builder.
    7. Payment receipts.
    8. Loan Agreement between Bank and the allottee.
    9. Payment receipts, if any, received by the builder.
    10. Authorisation letter or Vakalatnama, etc.

  6. What is the size limit of uploading documents on the UP RERA website?

    The size limit of uploading all the documents or attachments on the UP RERA portal is 4 MB.

  7. Do have I register myself if I want to file a complaint in UP RERA?

    Yes, before you can make complaint in UP RERA, you will have to register yourself with the following key information-
    1. Allottee Name
    2. Father’s name
    3. Mobile Number
    4. Email ID
    5. House/Flat No.
    6. Street Lane Name
    7. House No.
    8. Mohalla or Village Name
    9. State Name
    10. District Name
    11. Pincode and
    12. Password for ID.

  8. Is UP RERA Conciliation a good choice?

    Generally, UP RERA Conciliation is not the preferred option by the most of the allottees. The reason is simple- Builders delay the judgement of UP RERA and they do not appear for Conciliation.
    You can also read more about the UP RERA Conciliation by clicking here.

  9. Do I have to visit the UP RERA office for hearing against the builder?

    No, you do not need to visit the UP RERA office for hearing in complaints because as of now, they are conducting virtual online based redressal system. In this, your grievance will be heard through video conferencing.

  10. In how many days, UP RERA will approve my complaint?

    It takes about one week for UP RERA to approve your complaint under RERA.
    However, keep in mind that if you upload unreadable documents, it makes around two to three weeks on how fast you act efficiently on uploading the readable and correct documents for UP RERA complaint.

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