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How to Check UP RERA Complaint Status?

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Filling an offline or online complaint in UPRERA gives an advantage to the homebuyer against the builder whose project is covered by the RERA Act 2016.

Any complainant needs to check his complaint status timely to keep updated with necessary updates. Hence, comes the importance of UP RERA Complaint status.

Below is the complete step by step screenshot method and video guide to check the complaint status.

What is UP RERA Complaint Status?

A complainant or homebuyer who filed a complaint against a builder must know that checking the complaint status in UP RERA is necessary.

UP RERA Complaint Status is a procedure using which a complainant can see the current status of his filed complaint online.

Check Complaint Status Page Details

The UP-RERA complaint status page shows many details to the viewer. These details are summarized after the hearings are conducted offline or online.

check up rera complaint status 2

The UP RERA Complaint Status online page shows the following details:

  • The next hearing date of the dispute.
  • Summary of hearings conducted.
  • Details of the complainant and the promoter or real estate agent.
  • The relief sought by the complainant. The relief may be either refund or possession or delay interest or all of them.
  • Brief details of the documents and payment receipts uploaded by the complainant. A person can see these documents and receipts after entering the OTP received on the registered mobile number of the complainant.
  • View any notice issued by the Up Rera Bench.
  • View the judgement or order pronounced by the Up Rera Bench. In this case, there will be the next hearing date.
check up rera complaint status

If a complaint visits the UP RERA Office Lucknow or Gautam Buddha Nagar, the authorities or RERA help desk will intimate him the following details after he inquires about his company status:

  1. The next hearing date (if there is any)
  2. If the complaint has been resolved by the UP RERA, then the Order pronounced by the Bench.
  3. Payment receipts submitted by him in the UP RERA office. He will be given such documents after signing the requisite documents.
  4. Summary of the hearings conducted by the UP RERA Bench.

Why Check Complaint Status in UP RERA?

After filling a complaint, no one would want to sit idle and leave his case unattended. This may be the case if the builder uses his bullying tactics on the complaint to leave his complaint unattended.

But a vigilant homebuyer or a complainant will check complaint status in UP RERA timely.

Checking UP RERA complaint status online or offline gives the following edge to a complainant:

  • Be updated with the next hearing date.
  • Have the summary of the complaint hearings in hand.
  • Have in hand the brief details of the uploaded payment receipts.
  • View any notice issued by the Up Rera Bench.
  • Have the final order or judgement by the Up Rera Bench.

Steps to Check UP-RERA Complaint Status

There are three ways you can check your Up Rera complaint status:

  1. By visiting the UPRERA office in Lucknow or Gautam Buddha Nagar.
  2. By dialing the UPRERA help desk number as provided on the Up Rera website.
  3. By checking online at the UPRERA Website.

Check the Complaint Status in UP RERA Website Online

Below is a complete step by step VIDEO Guide to check complaint status on the Up Rera website-

Step 1: Visit the Up Rera website.

Step 2: Visit the section that says COMPLAINTS. As you hover your mouse, click the COMPLAINT STATUS link.

Step 3: Enter the Complaint Number and Captcha.

Step 4: Click the SHOW button.

You will now see the current status of your Up Rera complaint.

Check the Complaint Status in UP RERA Offline by Visiting in Person

up rera office lucknow

Step 1: Keep your Up Rera complaint number ready. Either write it down or remember it. If you do not have the complaint number, take the photocopy of any Indian Govt. identification and be ready to take additional steps at the Up Rera Office.

Step 2: Go to the Up Rera Office in Uttar Pradesh situated in Lucknow and Gautam Buddha Nagar. For easy enroute, use Google Maps.

Step 3: Now visit the help desk located at cabin number 10. Ask the on-duty guard for cabin no. 10. Introduce yourself to the guard and your purpose of visiting the Up Rera office.

Step 4: Introduce yourself to the authorised person at cabin number 10 and state your purpose of visiting the Up Rera office. The purpose is to check the complaint status in Up Rera.

Step 5: If you do not have the complaint number, ask the authorised person for it. State the complainant’s full name and the builder against which the complaint is filled. He will ask you to confirm the mobile number or identity.

After confirming the same, he will give you the UP RERA Complaint number and its current status.

If you have the complaint number, tell it to the authorised person and he will provide you with the current status of the complaint.

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Check the UP RERA Complaint Status by calling the Help Desk Number

Below are the steps by following which you can know the current status of your UP RERA complaint at home-

check up rera complaint status help desk number email address

Step 1: Keep your UP RERA complaint number ready. If you do not have it or have forgotten it, keep ready the complainant’s full name and the builder against which the complaint is filled.

Step 2: Call the official UP RERA help desk number by visiting the Up Rera website. See the screenshot.

Step 3: Introduce yourself and your purpose for calling the help desk. The purpose is to check the UP RERA complaint status.

Step 4: In case you do not have the complaint number state the complainant’s and the builder’s full name. The authorised person will search for the complaint number and will tell you the current status of your Up Rera complaint.

If you have the complaint number, tell it to the authorized person and he will tell you its current status.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I file a complaint in UP RERA?

    You can file a complaint in UP RERA only online.
    To file a complaint in Up Rera online, visit the Up Rera website and follow the step by step instructions as per the site.

  2. How do I file a Rera complaint?

    As per the Rera Act 2016, if you want to file a complaint, then consider filling Form M. You can do this both online and offline.
    For online Rera Form M filing, visit the State Rera website.
    For offline Rera Form M filling, visit the State Rera office.
    Note- For compensation relief, you must file Form N addressed to the adjudication officer.

  3. What to do if the builder is cheating?

    If the builder is cheating you, consider reminding him personally not to cheat you. Since this method does not usually work, consider complaining to him about your grievances through a letter or an email.
    If he still ignores your letter or email, register a complaint in the consumer forum or State Rera Authority, depending upon whose jurisdiction the matter resides.
    Jurisdiction is only affected by one reason- if the real estate project is ongoing in 2016, the Rera has jurisdiction, or else the consumer or civil courts.

  4. Which authority can entertain real estate projects complaints?

    The Rera Act 2016 now provides conclusive authority to each Rera Authority to entertain real estate projects complaints.
    As stated, if the project is not ongoing, the authority to decide real estate cases goes to the civil courts or consumer courts.

  5. Do we need lawyers for RERA?

    If you are an educated person having a broad knowledge of the law and its procedures, then the answer is NO! You do not need a lawyer for Rera.
    Most people are unaware of the legal procedures, hence they tend to lose the case against the builder in a Rera Court. To ensure a perfect win, such people need the assistance of a Rera lawyer.

  6. How do builders cheat?

    There are a variety of ways builders can cheat you. Following are some instances-
    ● Changing the layout plan.
    ● Levying a false fine upon a homebuyer towards non-payment of instalments.
    ● Levying false and unethical charges in the sale deed.
    ● By using low-quality construction materials.

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