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Get all your RERA Questions Answered with the Most Reliable and Best RERA Consultant in India. Sit back and relax while we take all your RERA tensions away!

  • Homebuyer Services

    Legal Consultation, Documentation, Property Consultation and Filling Complaint

  • Developer Services

    Promoter Registration and Renewal, Project Registration and Extension, Quarterly Compliance and Legal Consultation

  • RERA Agent Services

    Agent Registration and Renewal, Legal Consultation and Documentation

RERA QnA Home Page Banner

Best and Most Trustable RERA Services in India

Get all your RERA Questions Answered by the Best and Most Trusted RERA Consultant in India.

⏩ For HomeBuyers
⏩ For Developers/Promoters
⏩ For Agents & Brokers

Who are We and Why we are the Best?

RERA Questions and Answers or simply RERA QnA is a private commercial platform focused on providing the most reliable and affordable RERA services. Simple and Easy- You ask RERA Questions and We Answer!

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For the above mission, we have formed a team of Chartered Accountants, Advocates, Engineers, and RERA Experts under one roof for the viable usage of RERA. This will also ensure that the words stated under the preamble of the RERA Act are also achieved.

Our RERA Services

Promoter Services

✅ Project Registration
✅ Agent Registration
✅ Project Extension
✅ Agent Renewal
✅ DPR & Land Services
✅ Quarterly Compliances

Homebuyer Services

➡️ Complaint Registration
➡️ RERA Consultation
➡️ Property Consultation
➡️ Land Verification
➡️ Legal Documentation
➡️ Documents Verification

Services for our Stakeholders

🚩 RERA Training
🚩 Sales and Marketing
🚩 Institutional Training
🚩Other Services

Homebuyer Services

We offer various kinds of Homebuyer RERA services ranging from RERA Consultation, complaint registration, real estate property verification, legal documentation and much more. Check out our services below-

Homebuyer Services and home search

Complaint Registration

As a Homebuyer, its necessary that you get what was advertised by the promoter. When the promoter does not deliver your plot, flat or building as per the terms and conditions, its a compulsion to resort this situation by filling a complaint in RERA. This is where our team helps you by representing you in the Court.


RERA Consultation

Consulting a RERA expert helps you in determining the outcome of filling the case in RERA. Say, builder has delayed in giving your flat or you want your money back with interest, what relief the Court would grant you? There are multiple instances to consider before you proceed to register a complaint in RERA.


Property Consultation

Each person wants to invest in the Real Estate today. But, before this comes due, they also conduct extensive research. Here our team helps you by connecting with an Expert Broker, who can easily determine your needs plus knows which builder has defaulted with the homebuyers the most. You can meet the specialists either physically or virtually, it’s your call!

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Land Verification

The land records are conclusive evidence that verify the status of the owner. Our team helps you in verifying the land records both physically and digitally. Physical verification is more important because records may differ, but the physical condition cannot.

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Legal Documentation

The key aspect of pursuing a RERA case is that you also would have to chase legal documentation. Our team helps you in both accurate legal documentation which helps to save both time and money. File the Written Complaint, notice serving, Written Statement, etc. easily.

Document Verification

After visiting a project or a land, a builder hands over document like the brochure to the Homebuyer. Our team helps you in verifying documents like these that they have been registered in RERA and approved by the local authority. Signing the booking form also requires a brief analysis of the documents like booking form, Buyer Builder Agreement, etc.

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Promoter Services

From Applying for the registration of the project and agent registration, we offer all types of RERA promoter/builder/agent consultancy services. Here are brief details.


Project Registration

This service involves applying for the registration of the real estate project under Section 3 of the RERA Act 2016.

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Agent Registration

This service involves the applying for the registration of the Promoter and Agent under Section 9 of the RERA Act.


Project Extension

This service involves the applying for the extension of real estate project under Section 6 of the RERA Act.


Agent Renewal

This service involves the making the application to the Authority for renewing the agent registration certificate.


DPR & Land Services

All types of Detailed Project Report (DPR) and Land services involving its consultation is included in this service.


Quarterly Compliances

This service involves managing the promoter and agent portal for updating the quarterly compliances under Section 11 of the RERA Act.


Services for Our Stakeholders

There are different services we offer to our stakeholders like the RERA Training, Sales and marketing, Institutional Training, and partnership. Here are the brief details-


RERA Training

This training is effective in infusing you with all the theoretical and practical knowledge of RERA. Theoretical knowledge of RERA resides in understanding the RERA Act and the local land laws. Practical experience is provided with training with experts.


Sales and Marketing

Alongside the RERA Application of knowledge, this service provides you the powerful tool of marketing and sales required to boost your professional experience. It may be legal, engineering, or otherwise.


Institutional Training

There are multiple institutions who want their employees enriched with the knowledge of RERA. Our team, comprising of senior legal practitioners, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, and others will help you too boos the motivation and skills required for understanding and implementing the RERA Act.


Partnership and Cooperation

We are an emerging start-up and hence we consistently look for professions who want to collaborate with us. We even offer affiliate programs so that while you are gaining practical experience, you also get the chance to earn.


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